Since our boutique marketplace is a hub of glamorous pre-owned apparel, it’s only fitting that our online aesthetic oozes elegance and sophistication.

The product photos you use play a huge role in maintaining our shopfront’s look, so as a registered seller, do your best to display your clothes as flatteringly as possible! Products must be clearly visible so that a buyer can see the finer details and know exactly what they’re getting.

Specs of images uploaded must be:

  • Less than 1MB in size
  • 1000 pixels in height
  • Portrait orientation, not landscape.
  • Featured image must be of the product on a model/mannequin
  • 3-4 photos per product; full-length front, full-length back, and up-close detail shot.


The Presentation

We suggest modelling your items yourself, dressing it on a mannequin, or getting a girlfriend to model it for you.

Have some fun! Style your hair, do your makeup, and channel your inner starlet.

Note: Photos of clothes hanging or ‘flat lays’ may not be approved if garments are not presented well.


The Setting

Capture your product photos against a plain yet contrasting backdrop OR on location within a lifestyle setting like a pretty garden, suburban street, or beautiful room.


The Lighting

Harness the natural daylight outdoors or switch on the lights indoors to ensure that your clothes are well-lit and clearly visible.

Good lighting will prevent your pics from looking dull and it will do a great job of highlighting any interesting, attractive details like fabric texture and embellishments.


The Post-processing

These days, the camera on a smartphone can capture top-quality photos to rival those taken with expensive camera equipment, and with awesome apps available to help you tune images taken with your smart device, cropping and brightening your pics should be a breeze.

We recommend downloading apps like Snapseed from the app store on your phone.