How do I sell my clothes on Mayyarani?

There are two ways to sell a garment on the Mayyarani boutique marketplace:

1. Do-It-Yourself. Simply sign up as a seller to list your garments for FREE.

2. Don't want a seller profile? Send your garment(s) to The Mayyarani on consignment (listing fee applies) and our in-house team will list it for you.

Please send us an email and include:

  • Your name, contact details and suburb.
  • Colour photos of the front and back (full-length)
  • Designer and/or brand
  • Fabric and/or material
  • Size
  • The initial price you paid
  • How much money you hope to get back
  • Your reason for selling
  • Mention of any alterations, faults and flaws.
  • You will be required to pay a non-refundable listing fee per garment.
  • You must be willing to leave the garment with us for up to 6 months. 
  • We'll arrange collection via a reputable courier service (at your own cost).
  • You'll receive payment only after we've sold it.


How do I create an account/store?

Simply sign up as a seller here to get access to a dedicated admin dashboard. Take some time to complete your profile by adding your e-boutique’s name, a logo, a banner, and a brief write-up which describes your store or style and the type of items you list.


How do I upload items myself?

To list an item for FREE, log in to your seller profile and then follow this step-by-step listing guide to add your garment to the relevant collections, and add tags and variants. Please include all details in the ‘Description’ box; size, brand/designer, colour, material, fit, cleaning and care instructions, and even mention any alterations, faults and flaws.

Remember, you’ll need three good-quality photos which clearly show off your gorgeous garment; full-length front, full-length back, and up-close detail. To keep things classy and organised, clothes must be photographed against a plain backdrop or in a lifestyle setting. Garments displayed on hangers and 'flat lays' may not be approved if the garment isn't presented well. Read our photography guide


I can't seem to add products on the system. What should I do?

Before the system will allow you to add product listings, you must fully complete your seller profile. Go to the 'Profile' tab and fill in all mandatory fields, including those under 'My Account' and 'Payment Details'.

Note: This is the bank account into which we must pay your earnings.


My photos are not clear. Will my listing be approved?

No, unclear photos will prevent your listing from being approved.

When trying to sell a garment, keep in mind that that interested shoppers want to know exactly what they’re getting, and since they are unable to feel the fabric and try on the garment prior to purchasing, it’s important to give them a really good, detailed view of the garment.

For specs and tips, read our photography guide


I made an error. How do I edit my product listing?

It’s easy to edit a listing at any time.

  1. Simply log in to your seller profile and go to the ‘Products’ tab.
  2. In the dropdown menu, select ‘Products listing’.
  3. Search or scroll down to the product you want to edit.
  4. Click on the three dots under ‘Action’ and select ‘Edit’.
  5. Make your corrections and then hit ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the page.


Must I pay a listing fee if I sign up as a seller?

No, it's FREE to list garments if you sign up as a seller and do it yourself. To take advantage of this promotional offer, set up your own e-boutique on our Mayyarani marketplace and start listing! Here's a step-by-step guide to list a product


When I create a listing myself, how should I price an item for sale?

Remember that prices for pre-owned clothes are minimal and are not a means to make back the money you initially paid for the garment. 

When setting your price on the listing, you will see input fields for:

  • 'Price' – This is the Rand amount you want. Your price must be rounded off to the nearest 10. Example: ‘450’. Remember to include a small shipping fee (between R60 - R100) in your price to cover the cost of delivery to the buyer. We DO NOT add extra charges to the advertised product prices, for delivery within South Africa.
  • 'Compare at Price' – This field is optional. It refers to the amount initially paid for the garment. If you enter an amount here, your listing will appear more attractive to shoppers as it will be highlighted with a “SALE!” badge.
  • 'Sales Price' – This is the advertised amount which a customer will pay. It’s automatically calculated to include our 20% commission.


I don't want to sign up as a seller. How much does The Mayyarani in-house team charge to list on my behalf?

If you need our in-house team to list garments on your behalf, the non-refundable listing fee that we charge is minimal and it's based on the cost that you initially paid for your garment. 

You can either pay via EFT or you can pay cash upon drop-off at our premises. Once you accept our offer, we will provide banking details. 

Initial cost of garment
Listing fee
 Listing placements
< R3000 R30 Up to 3 listings
R3000 - R5000 R50 Up to 3 listings
R6000 - R10 000 R70 Up to 4 listings
R10 000 R100 Up to 4 listings


Whether or not your garment sells, our in-house team provides a service; listing your garments on our own site as well as other popular local and international marketplaces (where appropriate). 

Our paid-for listing service includes:

  • Professional photos
  • Product added to our collection
  • Local & international listings
  • Exposure on Facebook and Instagram
  • Packaging and storage


Will The Mayyarani buy my preloved clothes?

No, our in-house team does not buy pre-owned clothes for resale. We will only take garments on consignment and list them on your behalf.

  • You will be required to pay a non-refundable listing fee per garment.
  • You must be willing to leave the garment with us for up to 6 months. 
  • We'll arrange collection via a reputable courier service (at your own cost).
  • You'll receive payment only after we've sold it.


What types of garments do you list?

We’re particularly interested in garments from globally-renowned brands as well as local and international designers, but anything that’s beautiful, trendy, or good quality and that oozes glamour will be acceptable.

  • Evening, cocktail and casual dresses.
  • Jackets, coats and other outer wear.
  • Shirts and blouses
  • Trousers and skirts
  • Suits, including skirt suits and jumpsuits.
  • Wedding gowns
  • Traditional eastern wear and African attire

Note: T-shirts and underwear are not allowed.


Is there a limit to how old my garment is?

No, we don't mind garments that are several years old unless its style is completely outdated. We are more concerned with how often it was worn. If a garment was worn very often and is showing signs of wear and tear, the listing will not be approved and it will not be added to our collection of pre-owned glamour.


How long will my garment be listed on the Mayyarani boutique marketplace?

As a registered seller, you can remove your listing at any time. We recommend deleting the product from your e-boutique once the 7 refund days have passed. 

If you need our in-house team to list a garment on your behalf, we will list it for up to 6 months and if it’s not sold during that period, you may choose to:

  • Leave it with us a while longer
  • Have it returned to you (at your own delivery cost)
  • Let us donate it to a charity on your behalf


Can I list a garment bought from a department store?
  • We will only accept garments bought from mainstream retailers and department stores under certain conditions. T-shirts and underwear are not allowed.
  • We will gladly accept more exclusive items purchased in high-end stores and designer boutiques.
  • We accept bespoke wedding gowns, matric dance dresses and bridesmaid dresses.


Do I have to clean my garment before selling it?

If there are any visible dirt marks, stains, or an unpleasant odour, then you must make every effort to deliver the outfit in a clean, wearable and saleable condition.

Please read the care instructions carefully and dry clean the garment professionally if needed.


Can I sell more than one garment at a time?

Yes, definitely! You may list an unlimited number of garments so long as they are of a good quality and are in a wearable, saleable condition. 


Can I sell a garment that is not in my possession?

No, you may only list garments that are in your possession so that:

  • The product photos used clearly show the buyer what they're getting. The photos used must be of the exact item for sale.
  • Delivery to the customer is speedy and hitch-free within 2-5 days, and is not hindered in any way by unavailability.


How do I send my preloved clothes to your premises?

1. If you've signed up as a seller, the garment(s) must remain in your possession until these are sold and you are responsible for delivering the parcel to the buyer, at your own cost. Remember to include a small delivery fee in the product price when listing your item.

2. If you request The Mayyarani in-house team to list your garment on your behalf, we will arrange a courier service (at your cost) to collect the garment(s) from you or you may arrange your own preferred delivery channel to our premises. Alternatively, you can drop your garment off personally, but you must book an appointment prior to drop-off. In this case, once your garment is sold, we will pay for delivery to the customer. 


When will I be notified if my garment sells?

As soon as the once-off item is sold, it will remain on our website as ‘sold out’ for 7-14 days.

1. As a registered seller on our marketplace, you will receive an email notification as soon as an item is sold and you can remove the sold-out item's listing yourself after the 7-day refund period.

2. If your item was listed by The Mayyarani in-house team, we'll notify you of the sale via email within 14 days after it was purchased, provided that the buyer has not returned the garment for a refund.


How soon after my garment sells will I be paid?

We will effect payment to you within 7-14 days after the sale was made, provided that the buyer has not returned the garment for a refund.

If you've got a seller profile on our marketplace, please ensure that your account details on record are correct because payment to you will be affected in accordance with that. 


I've changed my mind. What If I no longer want to sell my garment?

As a registered seller, you may remove your listing at any time. 

If your garment was listed by The Mayyarani in-house team, we will happily return your unsold garment via a courier service, however all return delivery charges must be settled by you. If the garment has already been sold, we cannot return it to you.