Yay!! 60 Dresses and counting...

Umayya Theba
03 Apr , 2019

Mmmm... We've gone from 16 to 60 pre-owned dresses in the space of just 6 months! And the 60th addition is our 6th wedding gown. Also, have you noticed that to get in touch with The Mayyarani you'd have to tap the number 6 on your phone's keypad 6 times?? Coincidence? We think 'not'!

Howard Green champagne wedding dress

According to numerology, the number 6 (the first perfect number) is symbolic of responsibility, domestic affairs and indicates that difficult choices have to be made - often choices where the head and and heart are torn in different directions. 

Whether there's any truth to it owning such characteristics, here's how we choose to interpret these synchronicities:


We have a responsibility to Mother Earth.

There's a fashion-loving shopaholic inside every one of us, and she rears her head at the site of any concrete mall beckoning her to step inside and start swiping that plastic card. It's too easy to get tempted into accumulation when it comes to retail. We experience sensory overload. We touch, smell and imagine... and we buy things we want but don't really need. We're happy to pay - no matter how overpriced - for instant gratification. Who wants to leave empty-handed anyway? So we end up hoarding fashion statements that we made once or twice, and then abandoning these into a mounting heap of 'old stuff'. Instead of selfishly contributing clothes which end up in landfills, The Mayyarani comes to the rescue by helping you recycle and repurpose your luxury clothes which are still in a great condition.


We make 'making choices' a no-brainer.

When you browse our collection of pre-owned clothing, your emotional heart says "Yes" to the dress. It's beautiful and so worth it, but then your logical brain steps in and tries to reason why you shouldn't... 'How will I know if it fits? Agh, is it safe to transact online? What if it gets here and I don't like it? Etc., etc... Seriously? South Africa tends to lag behind in the online space but with our secure payment gateway in place and easy returns process, there's no reason why you can't shop pre-owned, save money and still be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Think of it this way; it's like helping yourself to a dress from your sister's closet, and you get away with it! It's a no-brainer...

Then, if you're on the seller's end, we know it's heart wrenching to part with the clothes you've invested in. They served you well, made you look drop-dead gorgeous, and well, you really loved them... We repeat "loved them" - past tense. And now, you can let us sell these previously-loved items on your behalf and get a bit of money back. Again, it's a no-brainer. 


Domestic affair? Settled.

Whether you'd like to buy gently-worn luxury clothes or sell your previously-loved items, there's almost always a domestic catalyst in there somewhere. Either your credit card (or hubby's) just can't keep up with your fluttering 'social butterfly' wings and good-quality pre-owned dresses are the solution to that dilemma, or you find yourself conquering cupboard space throughout your home, leaving just a tiny shelf or three for your significant other. It's just not fair and sooner or later, your man will revolt in a desperate attempt to claim back his territory. So yes, we want to be on the receiving end of your great clear-out. Dispute? What dispute?? 


On a final note, thank you to each and every one who bravely parted with previously-loved apparel and contributed to our collection. Without your garments, we would never have managed to grow our business so quickly. We are truly grateful to every woman who has purchased a gently-worn garment from us. We understand that online shops are perceived as risky, but you took the risk, and in doing so helped us to act responsibly, settle domestic affairs, and helped sisters make calculated purchasing decisions. THANK YOU!

Discover the full pre-owned collection OR get in touch!

With love,

Umayya Theba, 'The Mayyarani'

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