The downside of renting a dress (and our 'rental-with-a-twist' solution!)

Umayya Theba
21 Jun , 2019

We’re often asked if we hire out dresses, and the answer to that question is ‘Not exactly, but kind of...’ since we do offer a win-win-win alternative solution (so read until the end). Anything is possible, and we’re happy to consider individual rental requests on a case-by-case basis if the owner of the dress gives her permission, but why rent and feel like you have to walk on egg shells, when you can really own it!

Here’s the downside of renting out dresses (and see our rentals-with-a-twist solution at the end):


  1. Our ‘sale’ prices equal other ‘rent’ prices

Yes, really. It sounds too good to be true but the price you would normally pay to rent a glamorous dress from another shop, is equal to (or more than) our price for an outright purchase. While on a desperate hunt for a matric dance dress for my young cousin, I discovered that to rent a dress worth about R10 000, one can expect to pay around R4000. This would seem reasonable, but why pay that much for something that you only get to enjoy once? If you wear the dress for about five hours, your cost per hour equates to R800!!! If you buy a dress from The Mayyarani, it’s yours to enjoy a few times and when you’re done with it, you have the option to let us resell it on your behalf, at a further reduced price so you may still get some money back :-) Awesomeness!!

Zahraa Badrodin wearing a yellow tulle 'Halo by Zetske' dress

Model: Zahraa Badrodin @bananabuzz is wearing this yellow tulle dress 

  1. The dress has been rented out MANY times before

Think about it... You’re not the first person to be seen in that rental dress. It’s been worn several times by several different strangers to several different events, and it’s been put through quite a bit of wear and tear along the way. From our business perspective, we would have to incur ongoing costs to clean and mend these dresses in time for their next rental. The Mayyarani stocks dresses that have only ever been owned by a single person, and as women, we rarely ever wear the same glamorous dress more than three times before designating it to the back of our closets, so in actual fact, our dresses have not been through as much wear and tear as rentals, and they can be considered as good as new!


  1. What if the dress gets completely damaged or stolen?

This is a huge risk to take, especially in our case. To mitigate the risk, The Mayyarani sells dresses on behalf of their owners so as to avoid a situation where a dress that's rented out is returned in a less-than-pristine condition (or not at all), thus leaving us (or you) in debt to our client. It’s very possible that a dress can catch alight on a candle, or a waiter can drop an oily curry which splatters the garment with unsightly stains, or a client can unintentionally burn the dress with a hot iron, or even worse, the person who rented the dress may go completely off the grid and we may never see the dress again. 


Life is short so don't hesitate to BUY the dress and enjoy it without feeling like you can't let loose and have fun just in case something bad happens to it. You're not spending millions - in fact you're saving $$$ - and there's always the potential to resell it and make some money back later. 


If you absolutely refuse to buy outright...

...and you really really prefer to rent a dress, wear it once, and give it back... then here's how to take advantage of our rental-with-a-twist solution: 

1. Send an email to and let us know exactly which dress you'd like to 'rent'.

2. We'll get in touch with owner of the dress and get their permission to 'rent' it out to you specifically. 

3. We'll revert as soon as possible, and if it's a "Yes, you may rent", we'll give you a rent-only price.

4. Then considering all the risks mentioned above, you will be asked to pay the full purchase price as advertised before collection/delivery.

5. Upon return of the rented dress on the agreed date, if it's in a clean undamaged condition, we will credit you with the amount due to you. (Your credit) = (purchase price paid) less the (agreed rental price, delivery and cleaning/fixing costs).

So you see... Everyone WINS! You get to 'rent' if the dress is returned in perfect condition, the owner of the dress makes some $$$, and we mitigate all risks by having you pay upfront for the purchase - just in case :-)


Discover the full pre-owned collection OR get in touch!

With love,

Umayya Theba, 'The Mayyarani’




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