Kickstart 2020!!! How to clear the clutter for a new YOU

Umayya Theba
10 Jan , 2020

Out with the 'old', and in with a 'new' YOU. 

We're well into the new year, and already the general mood and energy feels different... positive and stable. Numerologically speaking, 2020 (which breaks down into 11:11) is sure to bring with it both union and manifestation of all the hard work and effort that we've invested our energy into. Exciting!!! But to harness this new energy as shiny prospects in our material world, it would make perfect sense to clear out any stagnant remnants that no longer serve us and our personal growth. 

Everything is comprised of energy - even our thoughts! Remember science class? There are tiny atoms that make up all matter; solid, liquid and gas. And the minute particles which share a common frequency then cling together to make up everything around us. Through the Law of Attraction, we manifest our whole lives by magnetically attracting everything (including our clothes!) that matches our own vibrational energy.

2020 balloons

The interesting thing is that as we grow and evolve, our individual energy changes and that means we outgrow certain material manifestations along the way, like some of the clothing hanging in our closets that we no longer choose to wear. In fact, each of those material items carry with them a unique energy. Have you noticed how certain garments remind you of people, places and times in your life when you either felt great or not your best self at all? Hoarding clothes is a prime example of how we keep old energy that either no longer matches our current or future self image that we aspire to, or constantly reminds us of experiences best forgotten. That said, just because you have 'outgrown' a garment, it does not make that item old or unusable and condemned to a landfill. Your 'old' can be someone else's 'new' if they resonate with that garment - especially if it's in a decent, wearable condition. 


So what to do with unused clothes?

Simple. Be brave enough to clear out the clothes that represent a past version of yourself. By clearing out that stagnant solid-state energy hanging in your wardrobe, you automatically 'let go', cut ties with souvenirs of the past, and instantly free up space for things that do match your vision of an improved body, mind and spirit. 

Clothes hanging

How to clear the clutter?

1. Make a date

Sorting through all the clothes you've hoarded over the years is a time-consuming chore, and unless you already know which items you'd like to get rid of, you will need to circle a date (or a weekend) to get the mammoth task done and dusted.

Aim to get this done before the first quarter of the year ends. A good time would be as the seasons change and you need to move your summer and winter clothes around. Perhaps you're moving house or about to pack for a much-needed holiday? These are both good opportunities to rummage through your closet and chuck out anything that you don't want or need.


2. Get serious and be ruthless

It's really difficult to part ways with preloved clothes because they often hold fond memories of a special event, or its vibrant colour or luxurious fabric reminds you of why you bought it in the first place. But you have to be ruthless. If you haven't worn a particular dress throughout the entire summer - this year and the previous - then the chances of you wearing it next year are, well... none. Toss it! 

If you've tied the knot and hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet, then the chances of slipping back into your wedding gown are, well... slim. Besides, a new little human will require additional space in your household, and you can't deny that wedding gowns are both heavy and voluminous. If you've lost weight and have no intention of picking up the pounds again, then why hold onto stuff that doesn't fit? If you haven't worn your matric dance dress again since you left school, why let it become an antique when someone else can get to enjoy it?


3. Get equipped or get helping hands

If this is a DIY project, then pack up your preloved clothes as you go along. You will need cardboard boxes or old suitcases, tissue paper, tape and a pair of scissors, a marker, and a pen and paper to take note of expensive good-quality garments that you would like to resell. 

If you don't have the time or energy, and sorting and packing isn't your strong point, then seriously consider getting a professional decluttering service provider on board to help you out. I recommend that you contact Shaazia Moosa, the Declutter Whisperer, a trusted and reliable Joburger who arrives on time and well-prepared with her assistant to take on your wardrobe-sorting challenge. She charges on a per-hour basis and will even help distribute donations to reputable homes and shelters. 

Shaazia Moosa, the Declutter Whisperer


4. Get in touch

This is where we come in. If you have precious pieces that cannot be given away for nothing, then we'll list and sell them on your behalf so they can find a new wardrobe to hang in. Basically, we'll help turn clothes back into cash, and slow down the fast fashion trend. We're especially interested in reselling wedding gowns, evening and cocktail dresses, and genuine and faux leathers. Find out how to sell pre-loved OR donate a dress to an underprivileged matric girl :) 




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